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I’m Sorry, I Can’t

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I’m Sorry, I Can’t

Author : Haretami (@haretami)

Cast :


Which One 5

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Title                       : [REMAKE] Which One 5

Author                  : hgks11

Cast                       :

–       Cha Sunwoo – Baro B1A4

–       Kim Kihyo (OC)

–       Gong Chansik – Gongchan B1A4

–       Ahn Richan (OC)

Cameo  :

–       B1A4’s members

–       Park Hanna (OC)

Genre                   : AU, Romance, Sad,

Rate                       : PG – 13

Length                  : Continued

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Stay With One Love (Part 2)

Yes-YulTITLE             : Stay With One Love part II (sequel Forever Love With You)

AUTHOR       : Keyindra_clouds

MAIN CAST  :Yesung Super Junior, Yuri SNSD, Siwon Super Junior, Yoona SNSD, Victoria f(x)

GENRE          : Romance, Sad, Angst, Comedy, mix, temukan sendiri!!!!!

LENGHT        : Series Lanjutkan membaca Stay With One Love (Part 2)